Octocon 2012

So, who's going to Octocon? I'm on one panel, at noon on Saturday, called Meeting Your Heroes. Who shall I talk about, I wonder?



So, as is semi-traditional at this point, I'm asking who's going along to P-Con this year? ephiriel and I should be along for most of it, and wil likely be somewhere in the bar for most of the weekend. We'll see you there, if you're there!

Al Darragh RIP

The death occurred on the night of Saturday 4th December 2010 of Alistair Darragh, known to all as Al. Al was a well-known and enthusiastic attendee at science fiction and gaming conventions in Belfast and further afield, at events like Mecon, Octocon, and Q-Con. He was a founder member of Dragonslayers, the Queens University Belfast Gaming and Anime Society.

Al died suddenly of a heart attack following an infected wound in his foot which was complicated by his suffering from diabetes. He was in his mid-forties.

A Book of Condolences is being held in the house. Anyone unable to attend in person can e-mail lannie@kimphieland.fsworld.co.uk who will include it on your behalf. Details of the funeral will be posted as soon as they have been finalised

A wake will be held at the house at 30 Bendigo Street, Belfast, from 5:00pm on Wednesday the 8th of December. The funeral is the following day, Thursday the 9th of December. There will then be a short service at the house starting at 1:30pm followed by the burial at Roselawn cemetery at 2:30pm.

Al Darragh’s wife Joanne has requested that no flowers be given but instead donations may be given to Diabetes UK through the funeral directors James Brown and Son, 300 Newtownards Road, Belfast.

On behalf of everyone in Irish SF fandom south of the border, I offer our condolences to his family, and particularly to his wife Joanne. He will be missed.

Al Darragh RIP

I have just heard that Al Darragh, a well-known Belfast SF fan and occasional con-runner, has passed away. There is more information in this post on the 2011illustrious page. I only knew Al a little, from running into him at cons in Dublin and Belfast, and I don't know what it was he was suffering from before he died, but I do know he was definitely younger than me, and far too young to die, and I am saddened by his passing.

If anyone knows more about his untimely passing, I'd be obliged if they could let me know.


If you've been reading this journal, you probably know I was diagnosed with prostate cancer earlt this year, and had my prostate removed in May. Even despite having health insurance, I've had quite a lot of medical bills since, so I've listed 40 hopefully desirable items on eBay to try to make a little back.

There's rare and signed books, comics and other odds and ends by people like Douglas Adams, Philip K Dick, Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Terry Pratchett, Bryan Talbot, and others. Please go have a look, and see if anything takes your fancy.

It's all here.

Boredom (Buh-dum Buh-dum)

I'm sitting at home recuperating, and I'm bored. Write and tell me something - anything! - interesting: pomealoid[at]yahoo[dot]com

That up there is The Buzzcocks with three minutes of Punk perfection, the truly brilliant Boredom from the Spiral Scratch EP.


Release Date

The surgeon informed himself that he could go home tomorrow pending the clearing up of some 'stuff' if it doesn't clear up then he'll be home on Wednesday.


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